Serving the community since 1874.


Senior Firefighter are members that are older then the age of 18 and have completed the 90 day probationary membership. These members may have different training levels and certificates within different areas of Fire / Rescue / Medical studies.

Name Member Since Bio Link
Mark Brasch
Daniel Ciabattoni 2012
Ian Fredrick
James Keyser
Ronald Kratz Jr
Christopher Melville
Neil Saunderson 2010
Ryan Ziegler
Ed Graf
Paul Ensminger
Nick Matrigrano
Marge Podnistranzski

Junior Firefighters are members that are not yet 18 years old and have completed a 90 day probationary membership. This program allows those that want to explore the fire service to begin training and learning so that they are prepared to become firefighters when they turn 18.

Name Member Since Bio Link
Joe DiDominic
Jacob Bossert
Nick Opperman