Serving the community since 1874.


The Schwenksville Fire Company is comprised of many different people that come together to make us what we are today. There is a wide variance in age, jobs and types of people that serve the Schwenksville community. Members that have been with the station for 40+ years, sons that are following in their fathers footsteps, and new members that joined to give back to the community. Every single person that is a member offer valuable experience, insight, and abilities to station and we appreciate that.

There are many roles within the typical volunteer firehouse that many people are unaware of. The most visible group would be the Officers and Fire Fighters that you see while driving by the station and when they are responding to emergencies or training. There is also another group of folks equally important as those saving the lives which is the Board of Directors. Directors are running the administrative side of the firehouse, paying bills, planning for the future, and performing the business tasks required to keep the firehouse running financially and legally.