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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you may know, the Schwenksville Fire Company is in the process off completing a merger with the Lower Frederick Fire Company. The decision to merge the two companies was discussed at length between the companies themselves as well as between Schwenksville Borough and Lower Frederick Township. As a result of the merger, Lower Frederick Fire Company is now the designated fire protection agency for Schwenksville Borough.

The combined fire company will keep the Lower Frederick Fire Company name and station number. All personnel and apparatus are currently operating out of Station 52, located in Spring Mount. The combined membership has already helped to improve the company’s ability to provide fast and effective fire protection and other emergency services to both Lower Frederick Township and Schwenksville Borough.

Please note that as of this posting, Schwenksville Fire Company will no longer be contracting for tent, table, or chair rentals, selling lottery calendars, or hosting any fundraising events. Of course, all previous contracts, commitments and calendar purchases will be honored.

As Fire Prevention week approaches, please keep an eye out for both Red and Yellow trucks and their crews working together to educate our community and keep us safe. For more information about the Lower Frederick Fire Company please visit us at our new home:

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