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Memorial Day!

We’re getting ready for our annual Chili Cook-Off and Flea Market. The flea market opens at 7am and runs until about 2pm. Our chili cook-off competitors have chili ready to taste at noon. We offer refreshments for sale and prizes are awarded to cook-off winners.

If you’d like to reserve a table at the flea market or enter the cook-off please call 610-287-9370 for more information.

All are welcome to stop by the firehouse on Monday, May 30, 2016 to enjoy the festivities.


  1. Shelly McMaster Shelly McMaster
    May 23, 2016    

    Interested in a spot at flea market, How much is the spot.

  2. Gayle Wild Gayle Wild
    May 30, 2016    

    Date on website for Memorial Day is incorrect!!
    Date should be 30th NOT 20th!!!! For the cook off !!!
    Also, calendar shows cook off for the 20th(highlighted)
    Not sure what “May” calendar is showing. Shows Monday as the 31st and Monday 2016 is the 30th.

    • Neil Saunderson Neil Saunderson
      May 31, 2016    

      The date you are seeing is the date that the announcement was posted, not the date of the event. Sorry for any confusion.

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